Beartooth Detail New Album ‘Disease’ Following New Single Leaking Online

Well everybody, after waiting over two years, the day has finally come. Caleb Shomo and his Beartooth bandmates have finally dropped news regarding their highly anticipated third full-length album.

After having one of their singles leak online earlier this morning, the easygoing band basically said “fuck it” and decided to share the artwork and tracklisting for the new album titled Disease.

To check out the band’s hard-hitting lead single “Infection” as well as the song titles for Disease, be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to head to the band’s official website to get more info about Disease.    


1. Greatness Or Death
2. Disease
3. Fire
4. You Never Know
5. Bad Listener
6. After all
7. Manipulation
8. Enemy
9. Believe
10. Infection
11. Used And Abused
12. Clever