Basement Detail New Album, Share Infectious Lead Single “Disconnect”

Great news, everybody! After blowing everybody away with their comeback LP Promise Everything in 2016, British alt-emo rockers Basement have just revealed plans to release their fourth studio album.

Titled as Beside Myself, Basement’s 12-track Fueled By Ramen debut will officially hit stores October 12th. 

As if that news wasn’t exciting enough, Basement has also decided to share their killer lead single “Disconnect” – which, according to vocalist Andrew Fisher, is a song the band has been working on for over two years.    

“As soon as I heard the start of ‘Disconnect’ when we were playing around with ideas two summers ago, I felt it had something that made me want to play it again and really try and sing along,“ he said. "While recording we all sort of came to the conclusion that we wanted it to be the first song people heard without really even talking about it. I think that’s because it doesn’t try and be anything other than a straight-forward rock song.” 

Fisher went on to add, “I think it’s a great first example to show people who don’t know who we are, what this band is all about.”

To check out “Disconnect” to get yourself extremely hyped for a new Basement album, be sure to see below. Afterward, to pre-order the album, head here

[via The Fader]

Track List

01. “Disconnect”
02. “Be Here Now”
03. “Nothing Left”
04. “Ultraviolet”
05. “Keepsake”
06. “Changing Lanes”
07. “Stigmata”
08. “New Coast”
09. “Just A Life”
10. “Slip Away”
11. “Reason For Breathing”
12.  “Right Here”