Bands Talking Bands: Here Are Five Artists That Inspired Sink The Ship To Become The Genre-Defying Act They Are Today


This past weekend if you happened to jam Sink The Ship’s killer debut LP Persevere – or checked out our premiere of “Nail Biter” – you most likely thought to yourself, “Dang, these dudes offer a bit of everything from metalcore to pop-punk! I wonder what kind of music they’re into personally.” 

If that’s the case, you’re in luck as we reached out to the Columbus four-piece to discover which five bands helped them become the genre-defying act they are today.  

To check out who Sink The Ship picked in our first-ever installment of Bands Talking Bands, be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to pick up the SharpTone signees debut album here.     

A Day To Remember

Individually, we all have different artists that influenced us to start and keep us motivated but collectively we all were pretty inspired by A Day To Remember. That band has longevity equally matched with relevance and that’s something we admire more than anything. Making a full career out of playing music would be awesome. 

Avenged Sevenfold

Brandom Knerem: One day I heard Avenged Sevenfold on the radio and I immediately wanted to be able to play like that and that’s what got me started. I’ll always love that band.

Senses Fail

Colton Ulery: For me, it’s Senses Fail. They’ve been my favorite band since middle school and I always find myself connecting with Buddy’s lyrics in one way or another. I’ve always loved Buddy’s “fuck you” attitude. I can think of a few times where that attitude has reflected my own actions haha. 

Avenged Sevenfold

Zac Fox: Avenged Sevenfold was my favorite band coming into this music scene. James “The Rev” Sullivan was one of my biggest inspirations. He’s the reason I decided to play drums.

Bon Jovi

Zakk Godare: Bon Jovi. I was raised listening to them. Hearing Songs like “It’s My Life” as a young kid inspired me to follow my own dreams in life.