Attila’s Fronz Signs New Electro-Core Band That May Have Dennis From ‘It’s Always Sunny’ Fronting It

Okay, all jokes aside as to who It Lives, It Breathes’ frontman may or may not look like, it has just been announced that the band has signed to Chris “Fronz” Fronzak’s label, Stay Sick Recordings.

The band, which Fronz dubs as “the future of music,” will join the alt/emo act Old Again as the only two Stay Sick artists (for now, that is).

In addition to anointing It Lives, It Breathes as “the future,” Fronz also added praise to band’s musical style. 

“They have a unique sound spanning multiple genres and their songs are guaranteed to be stuck in your head after just one listen,” the Attila frontman explains. “This is only the beginning for ILIB, the future belongs to them.”

ILIB’s new album Silver | Knights will hit stores this fall. To hear their lead single “Independance Day,” be sure to look below.