As Cities Burn Drop Third New Single “Hollowed Out”


With less than a month to go until they release their first new album in 10 years, (yes, T-E-N, TEN) post-hardcore outfit As Cities Burn has shared their third new single entitled “Hollowed Out.”

Following up the release of “2020 AD” and “Chains,” As Cities Burn’s latest is a slow-building, groove-driven rock track perfect for fans new and old. 

Speaking about their forthcoming album Scream Through The Walls, which is due out June 7th via Equal Vision Records, Cody Bonnette recently told Kerrang: “On the first record, we kept constantly changing things up. Now, I want to create a sound and groove that doesn’t take as many listens as before. We have some stuff that calls back to the first record, but now it’s a bit straight-forward. We tried making it more interesting on top of the foundation.”

“Also, my faith has changed a lot since then,” Bonnette added. “It’s not that I don’t believe anymore, but lyrically, we’re looking around at the culture and wondering if what we’re teaching is going the wrong way. It goes through a bit of a spiritual lens sometimes, but it’s not so in-your-face that if you don’t believe in God, you won’t enjoy it. It’s funny, because around the time of our second record, a lot of people were telling us that because of the album, they stopped believing in God. And that’s fine and all. Maybe what you believed in before was just a shack that’s fallen down, and needed to be pushed over anyway.”

To get yourself ready for Scream Through The Walls, be sure to check out “Hollowed Out” below. Afterward, make sure to pre-order As Cities Burn’s new album and grab tickets to see the band out on tour with All Get Out and Many Rooms here.