Apparently This Is Lars Ulrich’s “Favorite New Band”

Talk about a pretty huge endorsement. When someone from one of the most legendary acts in metal refers to you as their favorites, you should be pretty damn excited – as was Norwegian stonerpunk outfit Bokassa when they heard Metallica’s Lars Ulrich was not only a fan of theirs but referred to them as his “favorite new band.”

“Since I first heard this in the last week, this is like my favorite new band. These guys are fucking insanely cool,” said Ulrich recently on his It’s Electric! Beats 1 Radio show.  

Ulrich continued to add, “I heard most of the first record and all the songs are fucking way next level. And there’s a super cool video called ‘No Control,‘ which is a black and white video of them sitting in a bar drinking beer; it’s like a one-shot. And all their friends come up behind them and help them sing the song and take their beer from them. I know it doesn’t sound like much of a concept but it works really well, it’s really cool.”

After hearing news of the shoutout, Bokassa (completely shocked, we’re sure) responded with, “So…Lars Ulrich of METALLICA has a radio show and last night he called us his ‘favourite new band.’ INSANE.”

To check out Ulrich’s praise of the up-and-coming band as well as the “No Control” video he was referring to, be sure to look below. For more from Bokassa, head here

[via MetalSucks]