Apparently There’s a The Number Twelve Looks Like You Reunion In The Works And We’re Stoked

Underground mathcore juggernauts, The Number Twelve Looks Like You haven’t been a band (or at least played a show) since we reached this weird decade referred to as the 2010′s. However, like a lot of bands nowadays, there has been a rumbling in the band’s camp of a possible reunion.

What first started as an updated band logo posted to their newly created Instagram account, has thankfully lead to the band playing a surprise secret set in Kingston, NY. Although the lineup didn’t include all previous members, the show – which consisted of founding vocalist Jesse Korman, founding guitarist Alexis Pareja, DJ Scully on bass and Michael Kadnar on drums – seemed to go pretty well leaving us all wondering if there’s going to be more from the Number Twelve coming soon.

As we all await a hopefully non-cryptic post from the band announcing a worldwide reunion tour (wouldn’t that be nice?), you can check out some shots as well as the setlist from their secret show below.