Animals As Leaders Announce New Live Album Recorded Across Various US Tour Dates

Animals As Leaders fans! Just in case you’re still buzzing from AAL’s co-headlining tour with Periphery last year (or you’re still pissed you missed it), now’s your chance to relieve The Convergence Tour as Animals As Leaders have just announced a new live album. 

Recorded across various tour dates and locations last year, Live 2017 will feature 13 songs including “Physical Education” (live from Philadelphia), “Tooth & Claw” (live from Seattle) and “Arithmophobia” (live from Phoenix).

To check out the track listing for Animals As Leaders’ new live album, see below. To pre-order the LP before it hits stores in late July, head here.


01) “Arithmophobia” (live from Phoenix)
02) “Tempting Time” (live from Nashville)
03) “Ectogenesis” (live from San Antonio)
04) “Cognitive Contortions” (live from Denver)
05) “Tooth & Claw” (live from Seattle)
06) “Nephele” (live from Detroit)
07) “Physical Education” (live from Philadelphia)
08) “The Brain Dance” (live from Dallas)
09) “Private Visions Of The World” (live from Salt Lake City)
10) “Ka$cade” (live from Providence)
11) “Inner Assassins” (live from Los Angeles)
12) “The Woven Web” (live from Portland)
13) “CAFO” (live from Las Vegas)