Alexisonfire Tease Something (hopefully big) for 2015


Well guys, it looks like Dallas Green, Wade Macneil, George Pettit and the rest of Alexisonfire have heard our prayers and are teasing something (hopefully very big) for 2015. 

While we, along with the rest of the world, have no idea exactly what the post-hardcore Canadians are planning, below is a list of hopeful outcomes:

Now remember, these are HOPEFUL possibilities and not ACTUALLY happening. Yet…

1) Watch Out! Ten-Year-Anniversary Tour


Yes, we know the album was technically released in 2004. But still, how rad would this be? Just imagine, right out of the gate, the band opening up with “Accidents" to a sold-out crowd of screaming fans. Goosebumps, for sure.    

2) Crisis Ten-Year-Anniversary Tour      


Again, yes, we know the album was technically released in 2006. But still, again, how awesome would this be? “Drunk Lovers, Sinners and Saints" into "This Could Be Anywhere In The World" ? Sign us up! 

3) New Alexisonfire Record


Due to Wade’s current commitment to Gallows and Dallas’ to City and Colour, this may be the most unlikely of our three hopeful predictions. However, it doesn’t hurt to dream, right?