Afroman Wants Us All to Get High, Legally of Course


Now before all you non-rap supporters jump on us for featuring hip hop on back-to-back days, let us be the first to tell you that this is for a good cause. 

For most of us, we remember Afroman as 2001’s irresponsible rapper who could never quite find the motivation he needed to clean his room. Now, almost 13 years later, the laid back rapper has returned with a brand new “positive” remix for his stoner hit, “Because I Got High.”

In support of the non-profit lobbying organization Norml and the “Yelp of weed dispensaries,” Weedmaps, the California emcee has joined the ranks of people pledging for the legalization of marijuana.

Stating in his newly remixed track that marijuana helps with everything from glaucoma, anxiety and substituting alcohol consumption, to even assisting the government with extra revenue, Norml reps completely back the seasoned lyricist. “There’s a line about anxiety and Xanax and no longer needing to take presciption pills, and marijuana being a substitute for alcohol, money going to building schools in Colorado, funding drug treatment in Washington,” says Sabrina Fendrick, director of strategic partnerships at Norml. ”Every single verse in this song is accurate and can be corroborated by research,” she concludes.

Whether you’re for or against the legalization of weed, Afroman and his newly obtained friends at Norml and Weedmaps bring up some interesting points. 

To see Afroman’s newest video that has created quite the buzz (sorry, we had to throw at least one weed pun in there), be sure to check below. When you’re done, tweet us @thenoise and let us know your thoughts.