'68 Releases Video(s) of the Year

We at the Nosie are throwing in the towel. ’68 wins. We’re not quite sure as to what it is they win, but they just win. Frontman and ex-Chariot vocalist Josh Scogin has done it yet again blowing our minds with two new videos for the single “Track Two.”

The two videos come in two synchronized parts that you must play simultaneously. Yes, we know this sounds a bit awkward and strange but it works. With one video offering the drums and the other offering the vocals/guitar, to fully experience this grungy, Nirvana-esque song, you have to play them together.

Scogin is doing anything and everything he wants artistically with ‘68 and it is brilliant. From the name of the band to the style of music and now with their two new videos, to say we are blown away is an understatement.    

Overall, ‘68’s creativity and willingness to do something different is mesmerizing and completely appreciated in this copy-cat society we live in. Their highly anticipated debut album, In Humor and Sadness, hits stores July 8th, 2014.