'68 'In Humor and Sadness' Review


There isn’t much to say about the Atlanta, Georgia two-piece ’68 that hasn’t been said already. The dynamic pairing of vocalist/guitarist Josh Scogin and drummer Michael McClellan is hands down the most electrifying thing our ears have heard in a long time. Their creative and simplistic in-your-face sound is deafening but will leave you wanting more. The same can be said about their debut album In Humor and Sadness.

Weighing in at 10 tracks and just 35 minutes, ‘68’s radical approach of assembling good ol’ fashioned rock n’ roll with grunge and punk rock music is flawless. From beginning to end, In Humor and Sadness is by far Josh Scogin’s greatest musical effort – and that’s saying a lot with us being huge fans of his work with Norma Jean and the Chariot.

Supported with previously released singles, “Track One R” and “Track Two E,” In Humor and Sadness also features both hits from ‘68’s EP, Midnght. Cleverly disguised on the album as “Track Three G” and “Track Eight O,” both “Third Time is a Charm” and “Three is a Crowd” feature brand new edits that really freshen up each track.

Progressing through the album, other stand out tracks include “Track Four R,” “Track Six T” and “Track Nine T.” “Track Four R” blew us away simply because out of all 10 songs on In Humor and Sadness, this one easily stems the closest to previous Chariot albums. To put it frankly, if there was a One Wing part II, “Track Four R” would definitely make the cut. “Track Six T” may be the most upbeat and fun song on the album. Drawing similarities to the White Stripes’ “Fell in Love with a Girl,” pooled with 68’s own thrashy and even melodic additions, this song has it all. “Track Nine T,” on the other hand, is completely drumless, but still manages to offer one of the most memorable moments on the entire record. As Scogin strums bluesy riff after bluesy riff, you are left in a daze befuddled as to what you are hearing – but in a good way, we promise.

All in all, In Humor and Sadness does not disappoint. Scogin and McClellan have created a chaotic racket that is barbaric yet notably graceful. In Humor and Sadness’ picture-perfect blend of heavy and subdued sounds has left us in awe and we could not be any more pleased.    


  1. Track One R
  2. Track Two E
  3. Track Three G
  4. Track Four R
  5. Track Five E
  6. Track Six T
  7. Track Seven N
  8. Track Eight O
  9. Track Nine T
  10. Track Ten .