4th N Goal Drop Hilarious Bring Me The Horizon Cover of “Drown”

Italian pop-punk funnymen 4th N Goal have proved time and time again with some of their latest videos (”Out of Tortillas,” “Easycore/Stuck-Up People”) they are very serious about not being very serious.

Taking that point to a whole new level, the pizza-loving crew from Milan just released a hilarious rendition of Bring Me The Horizon’s smash single “Drown.”

Covering the song with their fun-loving brand of easycore and combining it with their amusing sense of humor, 4NG’s video for “Drown” is bound to put a smile on anyone’s face — unless you’re a lover of all things crab related; then we might have a problem. 

Anyways, to check out the video for “Drown,” be sure to look below. Afterwards, make sure to listen to more from 4th N Goal here