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Progressive / Rock


  • From: Dallas, Texas
  • Sounds Like: Intervals, NateWantsToBattle, Plini

Polyphia is a progressive rock band formed in 2010. The band has become known for their ability to weave together hip hop rhythms and dark and sinister tones without the crutch of sing-along vocals. The four members of Polyphia have advanced the world of instrumental rock in a manner that has seldom been matched in the history of the genre. On the band’s latest album, New Levels New Devils, Polyphia made a conscious effort to replace distorted guitars and epic breakdowns with a soundscape of bass-heavy trap music. The band has also worked with an elite cast of musicians such as Y2K (Killy, Yung Bans) and Judge (Migos & Marshmello, blackbear, Young Thug). Their previous EP – 2017’s The Most Hated – reached #6 on the Billboard “Independent Label Release” charts and cracked the top ten for the “Current Rock” charts. It even showcased the band’s crossover appeal by hitting #41 on the “Top 200” and #36 on the “Top Current Albums” charts across all genres.


Polyphia : New Levels New Devils
  • Latest Album:
    New Levels New Devils
  • Release Date:
    October 12, 2018

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