While She Sleeps Share Epic New “Silence Speaks” Video Featuring Oli Sykes

Just when you thought you couldn’t get any more hyped for While She Sleeps’ forthcoming album You Are We – which hits stores April 21st – the UK-based outfit has just dropped a stunning new music video for their powerful track “Silence Speaks.”

Featuring fellow Sheffield native and Bring Me The Horizon frontman Oli Sykes, the new single touches on some political and personal struggles the band has been facing over the past few months.      

“I think a lot of the running themes that we have in While She Sleeps come across as slightly political,” explains frontman Loz Taylor. “With the new album, there’s a lot of personal feelings in the songs that in a strange way balance out a lot of the political vibes. We started writing stuff about the personal feelings that we’ve had, the past few years have been quite difficult for a few band members.”

As for how Sykes got involved on the track, the beloved vocalist disclosed that it happened organically as a way to mend any apprehension felt between the two acts previously.   

“There has been some tension between our two bands for a while due to some personal stuff and it just built up a bit to the point where neither band really knew why we were still being so hostile to one another,” says Sykes. “So we put it all to bed and that was around the time they were working on the crowdfund campaign for their album. ‘Hurricane’ was the first thing I’d heard from them since the first album, and it honestly blew me away how much they had progressed as a band. It got me really excited and I just wanted to help out in any way that I could. I offered them my home studio for some vocals as I knew they were doing it all themselves and were up against it time-wise, and Mat [Welsh, guitar] asked me if I’d be interested in doing a guest on the album.”

In regards to Sykes’ writing input on the song, the That’s The Spirit penmen revealed that he actually did help make a few minor adjustments.   

“For the part I sing on, I suggested a change in the structure. I made a quick sloppy edit on Logic as Loz’s lyric ‘Where is your heart’ gave me the inspiration for the lyric 'I think the silence speaks volumes’, and I thought it would be cool to illustrate the line with an actual dead stop in the song. It felt a bit cheeky fucking with someone else’s song, but luckily the guys loved it so I cracked on with the rest of the lyrics for my part and Bob’s your uncle!” (”Bob’s your uncle” being a British expression meaning “and there you have it.”)

To check out the new track which will undoubtedly blow you away, be sure to look below. To pre-order You Are We, head here.    

[via TeamRock]