Underoath Needs Your Help Releasing Their Farewell DVD


Nearly two years ago to the day (January 26 to be exact), the incredibly influential act Underoath played there very last show as a band. Now, here in 2015, the screamo kings of the mid-2000’s are somewhat reuniting to release a farewell DVD titled, Tired Violence.

Shot and filmed during their last tour, Tired Violence was supposed to edited and released much sooner than 2015. However, due to unseen financial burdens, the film company responsible for the DVD eventually closed down.

Now, instead of us continuing on with the story, here’s a much more detailed explanation from the band themselves:

Welcome back. Pretty moving stuff, huh? Anyways, as you can see, Underoath needs our help funding their upcoming DVD. To help the guys out, pre-orders as well as VIP screening packages are available here. Also, if you for some weird reason aren’t already sold on the idea of seeing an Underoath farewell DVD, below is the DVD’s trailer.