Touché Amoré Has Returned With New Music, A New Album And A New Label


Well, would you look at that. As if 2016 wasn’t already an incredible year for music, longtime post-hardcore act Touché Amoré has just announced they too will be releasing new music later this year.

Titled as Stage Four, the band’s fourth full-length album will hit stores September 16 via Epitaph Records.   

Besides representing Touché Amoré’s fourth LP, the new record has also been named as an ode to vocalist Jeremy Bolm and his mother who recently passed away from cancer. As you can imagine, like most Touché tracks, the eleven new songs on their forthcoming release carry some very heavy and heartfelt themes – one of which being the fast-paced “Palm Dreams” you can stream below.

“I don’t open up to people too much in regular life,” Bolm explained about the writing process for Stage Four. “But when I’m writing songs, I want to be as open and as honest as possible.” 

The seasoned frontman continued to add, “When you lose someone, you also lose their side of the story. ‘Palm Dreams’ was written around the realization that I never had a full understanding why my mother moved from Nebraska to California in the '70s. I assume that because she was from a small town, her eyes were wide with the concept of Hollywood. I’m sure someone else in my family could tell me, but it wouldn’t be her answer. If this song inspires anyone to ask the questions they’ve never asked their loved ones, I’d call it a success.”

To check out the new single, be sure to look below. Afterwards, pre-orders for Stage Four can be found here.

[via NPR]