Senses Fail Share New Documentary Following The Making Of ‘If There Is Light, It Will Find You’

If you’re like us and haven’t stopped listening to Senses Fail’s killer new album If There Is Light, It Will Find You since it was released back in February, you’ll most likely agree that today is a pretty special day as the band has just released a new documentary about their seventh full-length record. 

Coming via two separate videos, the band’s new doc tells the story about what influenced the album (Buddy Nielsen’s wife Priscilla and their newborn daughter Penelope) as well as how it was made (in the studio with producer Beau Burchell).    

“This record was a very personal experience for myself and my family, as the recording process happened directly after the birth of my daughter,” explains Nielsen. “Most of the record reflects on what it was like to deal with the complications associated with my wife’s birth."  

The veteran vocalist continued to add, "We were fortunate to have our friend there to document the birthing process and show what a natural birth can be like. One of the most important things in this small documentary is to counter the idea portrayed in the movies of how birth works. Even with the complications that we had, the process was beautiful and intimate and some of the most connected times I’ve had as a human. We are happy to share our experience in birth and music and invite the world in to see how art and life are made.”

To check out the band’s intimate new documentary, be sure to look below. Afterward, if you haven’t yet, make sure to grab a copy of If There Is Light, It Will Find You as well as tickets to see Senses Fail out on this summer’s last ever Vans Warped Tour. 

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