Playboy Manbaby Take You On A Terrible First Date In New “I’d Like To Meet Your Parents” Music Video (Noise Exclusive)


Look, first dates suck. As much as you’d like to think Blink-182′s “First Date” is a precedent for how most arranged meetings go the first time around, we’re here to tell you that’s not the case. And, betting on the fact you’ve probably experienced endless amounts of disappointment recently with multiple Tinder matches you thought were “the one,” you probably agree with us too. 

However, for all the hopeless romantics out there who refuse to believe this notion, Tempe avant-garde punk rock outfit Playboy Manbaby is here to put your dreams to rest by showcasing just how shitty most first encounters can be – especially if you chose to attend their world’s worst Italian restaurant.

In the band’s new music video for “I’d Like To Meet Your Parents,” viewers are forced to watch two lovebirds looking to enjoy a night out at a place presumably called Crapriotti’s or La Doo Doo which serves only the best Rasberry Creme Shasta and Spaghetti ala Ketchup.           

“We shot this video in my living room and tried to make it a terrible Italian restaurant,” says Playboy frontman Robbie Pfeffer. “I wanted to make a video where the band is playing but aren’t really an important or central part of it. I didn’t tell the guys what the idea was, I just told them to show up at a certain time and then started yelling at them to paint their faces etc. I’m super glad how it turned out and I think everyone did a great job embracing their characters.” 

To check out the new clip that will eventually make you delete your eHarmony account, be sure to look below. Afterwards, to purchase the track via an exclusive 7-inch split, head here