Parkway Drive’s “Vice Grip” May Become The Next Australian National Anthem

Look, as avid listeners of Parkway Drive’s powerful single “Vice Grip,” we understand the motivational powers it processes.

Whether your pumping iron or powering through some late night homework, humming (read: screaming) along to lyrics like “GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT!” can definitely give you a dose of physical or mental strength you never knew you had. 

That said, we fully support and understand the idea behind some die hard Parkway Drive fan nominating “Vice Grip” to become Australia’s new national anthem.

That’s right, gaining over 2,300 signatures, someone has put together a petition to replace the 238-year old tune “Advance Australia Fair” with the former Noise Tour headliner’s recent single “Vice Grip.”

While it’s most likely not going to happen, could you imagine what would come about if it did? For those unaware of the track’s dominance, you can give it a spin or two below.