Noise Exclusive: Hear Post Season Question Life’s Biggest Decisions With New Pop-Punk Jam “Fracture”


Whether it’s choosing where to go to school next semester or deciding your next Tinder date, unfortunately, no one in this world is safe from second-guessing and self-doubt. While not knowing what the future holds may be one of the more frustrating and terrifying things to experience, thankfully it’s something everyone can overcome – just ask Post Season frontman Daniel Tippery.

For the band’s new single “Fracture,” which is taken from their forthcoming self-titled sophomore album, Tippery found himself with a bit of uncertainty regarding his future. 

“These last few years have been great, yet exhausting,” he explained. “I got to a point where my mind was constantly asking if all the effort was worth it. That’s what this song is about.”   

Tippery went on to explain that it’s not all doom and gloom with the new track saying, “'Fracture’ is one of my personal favorites from the new album. The song really just fell into place for us. When we got the album back from the studio I couldn’t have been happier!” 

Lastly, Tippery added, “Hope y'all enjoy this record as much as we’ve enjoyed the journey.”

To check out Post Season’s poignant new track, be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to pre-order the band’s new album before it hits stores this Friday via Know Hope Records.