Noise Exclusive: Hear ARTISVNS Go ‘Punk Goes Pop’ For New Original Single “Hips & Bones”

Call us old fashion but generally when it comes to “heavy music,” metalcore and hip-hop don’t usually pair very well together. That is, until today at least.

Out of Sacramento, up-start outfit ARTISVNS are premiering their infectious new Punk Goes Pop-like single “Hips & Bones.” Sounding like a Logic-meets-Hot Topic concoction, ARTISVNS have somehow found a way to create an original track sounding like it could be a Top 40 cover – which is a very good and very impressive thing, by the way.    

When asked about the new track and accompanying music video featuring various promiscuous movie clips, drummer Kalun Wertz weighed in saying:   

“The theme of the music video was to capture an emotion rather than to tell a story. The whole video was shot on VHS film. The visuals playing behind the band and each individual member were put together by [vocalist Jeffrey Madeira] and his sister showcasing clips of famous women from movies, shows, music videos etc. The visuals were created to portray that aesthetic feel that the whole video is built on.”

To check out the new single and music video, be sure to look above. Afterwards, for more from the band including info about their forthcoming EP Pink Paradise, head here