Noise Exclusive: Come Get Dark And Vibey With Living Room’s Hum-Like Single “Out Of Time”


Look everybody, this shouldn’t come as a surprise but sometimes life can suck – like, a lot. Thankfully though, we have bands like Brooklyn’s Living Room who produce pure sonic emotion into every track they release. 

Take “Frayed,” for example. Transporting us back to the days of Drive-Thru records, Living Room simply eliminate life’s shitty surroundings and replace it with gritty, emo-laced guitar riffs.

Don’t believe us just yet about the power of Living Room? Let’s look at the band’s newest single “Out of Time” – which The Noise is happily premiering today. Similar to “Frayed,” Living Room takes life and puts it on hold for about four minutes while listeners lifelessly float through an emotional barrage of noisy guitars and heartfelt vocals. 

When asked about how they came across these dark and desolate vibes for their new track, singer/guitarist Johnny Nicholls said:               

“Your perception of your own life’s events ultimately comes down to the way your senses take in the world, what your mind is telling you. ‘Out of Time’ is a song about being stuck in a tired routine, entrenched perpetually in a mental rut and thinking of your own perceptions and how they relate to your situation. Can you reinvent yourself? Or is your condition your existence? What if you could fall into a permanent dream where the malleability of your thoughts offers a new mindscape? What if it could replace the 'real thing?’ After all, your condition is a result of your sensory experience, what your mind is telling you.”

Yeah, so if you’re ready to tune in and essentially tune out everything else around you, be sure to stream Living Room’s Hum-like track “Out Of Time” below. Afterwards, make sure to pre-order the band’s new LP Worth before it hits stores September 8th via Jetsam-Flotsam.