Noise Exclusive: Bang Your Head Until It Bleeds To Girlblood’s Spastic Slobberknocker ‘Drag Me Through Hell’

Look, we realize we’re only three months into the year, but we have something to get off our chest. In the short amount of time that’s been 2019, we sure have found a ton of things to be pretty pissed off about.

One) Our shithead president.

Two) Why the fuck is it still so cold?!

Three) This season of the Bachelor blows.

Okay, so maybe that last one is just us. But still, if you’re feeling all kinds of angry and need to blow off some steam, today we have the perfect soundtrack just for you. 

Out of the desert streets of Arizona, today The Noise is teaming up with spazcore duo Girlblood to premiere their head-jarring adrenaline rush of an EP, Drag Me Through Hell

Like a thunderbolt to your eardrums, from start to finish, Girlblood’s latest is a Chariot-like pit-starter that should rev up any fan of Every Time I Die or Dillinger Escape Plan. 

Talking about the new release, the dynamite duo told The Noise: “We just wanted to say that this record was recorded in February of 2019 in Mesa, Arizona by our friend Zachary Rippy. We are very happy with how this EP turned out. It has a lot darker content but we feel like it is a step up from our last release. We are hoping to record a follow up in the summer of 2019.”

To check out Drag Me Through Hell in full as well as Girlblood’s WWE-friendly music video for their lead single “Robitussin Redbull,” be sure to look below. For more from the band, head here