No Big Deal, Here’s Coheed And Cambria Performing “Here To Mars” With The National Symphony Orchestra For NASA

Look, if there was one band we’d want to represent our scene in front of some of the world’s most intelligent minds over at NASA, you can bet we’d pick the sci-fi-loving prog rock specialists Coheed And Cambria – well, and maybe GWAR being that they’re actually from outer space; oh and maybe Tom Delonge too. 

Anyway, back to our earlier point. A couple weeks back, to help celebrate NASA’s astounding 60th anniversary, Claudio Sanchez and company teamed up with the National Symphony Orchestra to perform their fan-favorite track “Here To Mars” – if we even need to explain why they picked that track, you need to go back to science class. 

To check out the Color Before the Sun track like you’ve never heard it before, be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to grab tickets to see Coheed And Cambria out on tour with Taking Back Sunday and The Story So Far here.