Neck Deep Debuted Two New Songs Over The Weekend And We’re Freaking Out

Wow, what a great way to start the week! Not only did UK rising stars Neck Deep announce their brand new album The Peace And The Panic (due out August 18 via Hopeless Records) but the guys were also nice enough to drop not one but two brand new songs.

Titled as “Where Do We Go When We Go” and “Happy Judgement Day,” Neck Deep’s two new tracks help highlight both sides of their forthcoming record – you know, the peace side and the panic side.     

“’Where Do We Go When We Go’” is the last track on the record, and we feel it summarizes our mood well,” says frontman Ben Barlow. “Very directly, the message is: ‘Fuck all this shit, fuck all the noise, let’s just make something of ourselves before our time is up.’” 

“‘Happy Judgement Day’” is on the panic side,” continues Barlow, “and really, that song is a comment on the current social and political climate. That feels like an important topic, and it’s a panic for a lot of people right now—where’s the world going? It should also be said that the reason we put that song out first is because—in typical Neck Deep fashion—there’s a big, fat riff at the start of it.”

So, with that all said, to get yourself a glimpse of both the peaceful and the panicked side of Neck Deep, be sure to check out their two new tracks below. Afterwards, pre-orders for The Peace And The Panic, as well as tickets to see Neck Deep out on the Vans Warped Tour, can be found here. Oh, and did we mention Sam Carter of Architects is featured on the new record? Yeah, you’re going to want to scoop up those pre-orders quick!

Track List:

1. Motion Sickness
2. Happy Judgement Day
3. In Bloom
4. 19 Seventy Sumthin’
5. Parachute
6. Don’t Wait (ft. Sam Carter)
7. Heavy Lies
8. Critical Mistake
9. The Grand Delusion
10. Wish You Were Here
11. Where Do We Go When We Go

[via Alt Press]