Masked Intruder Premiere New Comical "Crime Spree" Music Video


Masked Intruder, aka the hardest most “allegedly” badass pop-punk band around, just released a brand new music video for their track, “Crime Spree.”

The song, which comes off of the four-piece’s latest album M.I., is your typical Masked Intruder tune that focuses on their two biggest obsessions: committing crimes and falling in love.    

When asked about the filming of the video - which you can see below - frontman Blue had the following to say: 

We couldn’t be more stoked on this video! We did the casting through our social media, so all the actors other than the band are fans, except for Officer Bradford, who hates us. We’ll be casting fans for our next video too, so stay tuned and you could be in it! 

If you’re a fan of the track and want to hear it live, make sure you check out Masked Intruder’s upcoming tour dates