Hear My Enemies & I Speak Up For Speaking Out In Politically-Charged Track “Riot” (Noise Exclusive)


In today’s world surrounded by so much negativity – be it crooked politicians or unjust social issues – there’s definitely a lot to be angry about. Clearly, with the Women’s March, Immigration Rally, and Propaganda Protest, people are certainly finding ways to voice their opinions. However, it appears for every person willing to speak up against a problem, there are even more who are okay staying home and turning a blind eye to the matter. For all those who would rather ride the couch than speak out, Fearless Records signees My Enemies & I have a very clear message: “Speak, motherfucker! Have an opinion, motherfucker!”

Taken from their brand new politically-charged single “Riot” – which The Noise is happily premiering today – the Richmond five-piece waste no time stating exactly how they feel about speaking out against the bullshit.      

“We’ve been anticipating the release of new music just as much as our listeners, if not more,” explains vocalist Jeff Hill. “This song sheds light on the reality that people are afraid to speak their mind in this day and age. It can be unsettling to live in a world where there is so much going on, but little is shared. We hope this song will encourage people to share their ideas with others and make a change.”

To check out the band’s heavy new single taken from their forthcoming debut album coming later this year, be sure to look below. Afterwards, make sure to grab tickets to see My Enemies & I out on tour with Capture (formally Capture The Crown), Dayseeker and Kingdom of Giants here.