Hopeless Records Signess Young And Heartless Get Their B&E on in New “Fevers” Video

Have you ever wanted to know what it was like to rob a house but were too scared of the consequences – you know, like, going to jail for example? Well, newly signed Hopeless Records act Young and Heartless have just debuted their (sort of) burglary-friendly music video for “Fevers” giving viewers a first-person look at their multiple acts of larceny.

While obviously the band (and us) do not condone breaking and entering into other people’s homes, the well shot video is quite artistic and helps tell a very dark and intimate story.

When asked about the meaning behind the song and music video, the band explained the gloomy subject matter stating, “’Fevers’ and the accompanying video is a short concept piece of three friends diving into immoral spontaneity and its grisly consequences. It’s a dark song, dealing with heroin addicts and a fear of abandonment, but it’s not meant to be morbid.”

The Harrisburg, PA outfit continued to add, “We are strong believers of not hiding what makes you miserable. In some ways, bringing it to light is a form of healing.”

To check out the captivating clip for yourself, be sure to look below. Afterwards, pre-orders for the band’s new full-length Stay Away – which hits stores March 25 via Hopeless – can be found here.