Ho99o9 Release In-Your-Face Video for “P.O.W. (Prisoners of War)” and “No Regrets”


In true we-don’t-give-a-fuck fashion, punk-hop duo Ho99o9 have just released a brand new grotesque video for their two new tracks “P.O.W. (Prisoners of War)” and “No Regrets” off their soon-to-be released EP Horrors of 1999.

The video, similar to their live Church of Fun video, is shot in low-res VHS quality and includes some very intense visuals only the two noise makers themselves, the O.G.M and Eaddy, could come up with.

To check out the clip for yourself, be sure to look below. Afterwards, make sure to pick up tickets to see Ho99o9 on the Van’s Warped Tour here.      

Oh, and if you punks haven’t checked out our hangout sesh with Ho99o9 from SXSW yet, make sure to do so here