Grab Some Tissues And Lose Yourself In Touché Amoré’s Emotional New Single “Displacement”

Pushing along towards the release of their forthcoming album Stage Four – a record dedicated to Jeremy Bolm’s mother who recently passed away from cancer – Touché Amoré has just released their second new single titled “Displacement.”    

Centered around the idea of losing someone close and whether or not Bolm is a believer in an afterlife, “Displacement” – like most Touché tracks – is a meaningful, intellectual and emotional journey. 

“The word ‘Displacement’ in Greek is metastasis, which is the term used when cancer has spread from one organ to another,” Bolm explains. “Having ‘dis’ in the title felt like a good head nod to Discharge, Disfear, Disclose, etc. as this song has a strong D-beat presence. Most of my lyrics are autobiographical, but this one feels more like stating facts than word play. It touches on my faith or lack thereof in the afterlife. How for her sake I want to believe in heaven because it’s what she deserves.”

To check out the new track, be sure to look below. Afterwards, pre-orders for Stage Four can be found here.