Get A Lesson In Life, Music and Drumming With Periphery’s Matt Halpern on idobi Radio


Saturday on idobi Radio, we’re excited to announce we’ll be airing our exclusive interview with Periphery drummer and The Entertainment Institute co-founder, Matt Halpern.  

Talking with the scene veteran about his band’s forthcoming album Periphery III: Select Difficulty (which was just released today), Matt let us know he was very excited for the record to come out – but not for the reason you might be thinking.      

“I’m excited [because] I don’t have to worry about the album leaking anymore,” he explained. “So, early on – I mean, we’re talking about maybe two months ago when our album first went up for pre-order – there was a, I’m won’t say any names, but there was an international website that accidentally put our record up for full steam two months ago. And, in that time frame, in that small window of time there were some people that actually paid for access to it. One of those people, or multiple I don’t know, actually ripped the album – ripped the stream – and then created their own online store and was selling our album two months ago illegally for 10 bucks and promoting it on their website, putting up YouTube videos to promote it – it was a nightmare.”      

To hear Matt’s full story regarding the album streaming early as well as an insight into some of his recent entrepreneurial endeavours like The Entertainment Institute and GetGood Drums, be sure to tune into from 4-5pm PST // 7-8pm EST this Saturday.

Until then, make sure to check out Periphery’s latest music video for “Marigold” below and pick up a copy of Periphery III: Select Difficulty as well as tickets to see Periphery out on tour alongside SikTh, Chon and Toothgrinder here.