Fit For A King Debut Visually Stunning Music Video For “Deathgrip”


Just one day away from ripping into the Vans Warped Tour with their chaotic brand of metalcore-meets-deathcore, Dallas outfit Fit For A King has just debuted a new visually stunning music video for the title track off their recently released album Deathgrip.

Directed by Kevin Johnson, Fit For A King’s new video is every nature lover's dream come true as the new clip beautifully highlights the remarkable locations of Glen Rose, Texas and Flagstaff, Arizona. As far as the song goes, frontman Ryan Kirby explains it as someone coming to grips that the world is coming to an end.   

“This song is one of the only true ‘fiction’ songs we’ve written,” says Kirby. “It’s about a person witnessing the end of the world and their description of the event and how they’re dealing with it.”

To check out the outstanding new video, be sure to look below. To grab tickets to see Fit For A King out on the Vans Warped Tour, head here.