Counterparts Share New Hard-Hitting Track “Haunt Me”


With only three days to go until they release their highly anticipated full-length album You’re Not You Anymore, melodic hardcore outfit Counterparts have just debuted their infectious fifth single “Haunt Me.”

When asked about the writing process for the new single and upcoming LP, frontman Brendan Murphy explained that the band “kept the traditional Counterparts sound but just took a smarter approach to how [they] actually execute songs.” Murphy continued to add, “I feel like the main thing the band was lacking is replay value and catchiness on past records. We wanted to make sure we put out material that can keep the people interested after many listens. It helps give the record longevity.”

To check out Counterparts’ new single which we’re sure you’ll want to listen to over and over again, be sure to look below. Afterwards, if you’ve yet to pre-order the band’s new album, head here

[via Noisey]