Check It Out: Athika Premiere Nu-Metal Anthem “K.O.F” Featuring Aaron Kadura (Noise Exclusive)


It’s not all that often a band comes around who can pair hip-hop and metalcore successfully. Yes, there are heavyweights like Linkin Park who have made a career fusing the two conflicting genres seamlessly. But more often than not, it seems to be a big swing and a miss for most artists. 

Then there’s Athika – a group of nu-metal newcomers looking to bridge an emcee’s swagger and style with the aggression and angst of your common metalcore act. First making waves via last year’s ruthless Childish Gambino cover and their four-track EP Broken Genres, the Texas outfit is now looking to spark some momentum moving into 2017 via a brand new single titled “K.O.F.”

Premiering today via The Noise, Athika’s new track featuring ex-Fit For A King clean vocalist Aaron Kadura is exactly what you’d expect: fiery, cutthroat vocals laid over relentless-yet-stylistic musicianship – think Fire From The Gods, just a little bit heavier. As for what the track embodies, we’ll let vocalist Kalan Beal explain.                  

“’K.O.F.’ represents our drive to deviate from the norm and make the music we want to hear. We have worked hard perfecting our sound and breaking through the limitations set by genres. We want our music to stand defiant as a testament that no one can get in the way of raw determination.”

To get your ears and eyes all over the band’s blistering new single “K.O.F.,” be sure to look below. Afterwards, for more from the Athika, head here