August Burns Red Share Eye-Opening Video For “Ghosts” Featuring Jeremy McKinnon

After releasing one of the funnier music videos we’ve seen all year for their surf-tastic single “Identity,” metalcore heavyweights August Burns Red have just returned with a much more serious video for their track “Ghosts.”

Centered around the subject of homelessness, the band’s new video is an eye-opening call for equality and acceptance to all the people of the streets struggling to get by day-by-day. 

“I think a lot of people, myself included, have always walked by homeless people or those less fortunate, and either ignored them or immediately thought that they must have done something wrong to be in their current situation,” explains ABR guitarist Brent Rambler. “No one ever seems to take the time to stop and think that a small series of events can put you right in their place.” 

Rambler continued to add, “A lot of homeless people led normal lives just like everyone else before they landed on the streets, and they deserve help and respect to get back on their feet. Not judgmental looks and whispers.”

To check out the new video featuring guest vocals from A Day To Remember’s Jeremy McKinnon, be sure to look below. Afterwards, be sure to not only pick up August Burns Red’s new album Found In Far Away Places but also grab tickets to see them live with Every Time I Die and Stick To You Guns here.