10 Best Australian Bands According to Parkway Drive


While gearing up for his band’s upcoming US tour as well as the release of their highly anticipated album IRE, Parkway Drive frontman Winston McCall took a second to countdown ten of his all-time favorite Australian artists. 

Known for creating some of the heaviest and most brutal music around, it should come as no surprise that McCall’s list of favorites features bands sharing similar styles. However in the same respect, the Byron Bay native also gives recognition to a few other unexpected acts. 

After checking out the list below, be sure to not only pre-order IRE before it hits stores September 25th via Epitaph Records, but also pick up tickets to see Parkway Drive live here.  

In Hearts Wake

Hometown boys. It’s hard not to be proud when you see another band from your tiny town crack it worldwide. Good lads, amazing music and ethic to go with it.

50 Lions

50 Lions have been quiet for a while but a little bird showed me some of their new songs the other day and it’s hard as nails. Oz hardcore, straight up.

Nick Cave 

One of my biggest influences as a writer. A lifetime of music and he’s only getting better. True darkness.

Midnight Oil

Midnight Oil broke up years ago but their style of political rock still hits home every time. Anyone from this generation who hasn’t heard these guys before, do yourself a favor.

Thy Art Is Murder

About as heavy as they come, Thy Art Is Murder just put out a new album called Holy War. I love the fact they don’t shy away from controversy. Add that to some of the nastiest music going and you’re onto a winner.

Frenzal Rhomb

Frenzal Rhomb is one of the first punk bands I ever listened to. They put out a new record every few years and remain the pinnacle of Australian punk rock, accent and all. Bad jokes and Australian humor surrounded by tight catchy music. 

Eaten By Dogs

Australia’s answer to Johnny Cash. Eaten By Dogs might not be well known but man do they have some amazing tunes. If you find their music and you like slow sombre songs, this is your new jam.

The Jezabels

Half of these guys are from Byron too, lucky us. Dark pop, indie rock vibes. Haley’s voice is next level amazing, like seriously amazing.


Northlane just dropped a new album called Node and man, it is a gem. The perfect balance of heaviness and beauty surrounded by vast soundscapes. The boys are going from strength to strength. If you don’t know about this band yet, you’re going to find out real soon. This kind of quality doesn’t stay hidden.


The Kings of Australian hardcore. True brutality Australian style. Throat rippingly fast, these guys are legends in their own right. They don’t play all that often anymore, but I hear they have some new tunes on the way. I don’t think they have ever played out of Australia, but if you’re ever in their home town of Melbourne and you get the chance to go to a show, do it. It will be one of the rowdiest nights of your life.